The IIG program has been suspended until further notice. We look forward to re-launching after a review of the program and changes to it that more fully benefit campus climate at ISU. 

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion accepts funding requests for up to $500 at its event support page.  Please utilize that funding source as it aligns with your project development.

Inclusion Initiatives Grant Program

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion seeks intentional, creative proposals for funding (up to $5,000) of innovative inclusion initiatives intended to foster community engagement that positively impacts Iowa State University.

Proposed initiatives must:

  • involve collaborative teams
  • have widespread impact on the ISU community
  • align with ISU's guiding documents and principles regarding diversity and inclusion
  • be innovative


November 1 - 30Submit required intent to apply at www.diversity.iastate.edu/IIG/ita
JanuaryAttend grant workshop
March 1

Submit grant application by 8 a.m. on the first business day in March

Only those who complete an intent to apply in November will be able to submit an application

May 1Receive notification of award decisions

August 1 - June 1

Grant award period

Funds will be available by August 1 and must be spent and accounted for within 30 days of project completion or by June 1, whichever occurs first

Complete Details: Refer to the Inclusion Initiatives Grant Program RFP (docx) - UPDATED 10/2019

Questions? Email inclusioninitiatives@iastate.edu


Diversity-focused grant program has new home, additional assistance, Inside Iowa State, November 2, 2017