We work with community members who want to improve the climate of inclusion. We connect partners through initiatives that enhance a culture of participation and develop a community of contributors. We create opportunities for more voices to shape policies and planning.


We provide guidance to enhance inclusion. From providing expertise to develop inclusive programs to lending our perspective on products and visuals that showcase Iowa State, we are committed to having conversations that improve our environment.


We create opportunities for growth. Through presentations and other educational tools, we build links between decision-makers and those who their decisions affect. We involve off-campus partners with on-campus resources and build a better community for everyone.


Principles of Community

The principles exemplify the kind of community that Iowa State University aspires to be:

  • respect
  • purpose
  • cooperation
  • richness of diversity
  • freedom from discrimination
  • honest and respectful expression of ideas

Faculty and Staff Associations

FSAs are designed to cultivate and connect Iowa State’s diverse faculty and staff populations to each other and with the greater university community. These groups support recruitment and retention by addressing social and professional components essential to an enhanced quality of life for faculty and staff from underrepresented communities.

Appearance Request Form

Would you like to have a representative from the VPDI's office at your event? Please complete and submit the appearance request form at least 14 days in advance of the event date for consideration.  

For speaking and presentation requests, more lead time may be necessary in order to tailor a presentation that best suits your needs.