Faculty and Staff Associations

Faculty and Staff Associations (FSAs) are designed to cultivate and connect Iowa State’s diverse faculty and staff populations to each other and with the greater university community. These groups support recruitment and retention by addressing social and professional components essential to an enhanced quality of life for faculty and staff from underrepresented communities.

FSAs align with the university’s strategic goals by positively impacting the ongoing effort to create and support a more inclusive campus community. All FSAs are supported by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

FSA Council

The Faculty and Staff Association (FSA) Council is a collective of leaders from each of the recognized Faculty and Staff Associations on campus.  The council provides space for FSA leaders to learn from each other, collaborate on efforts that impact ISU employees from underrepresented communities, and to make positive change on campus using their unified voice. 


Interested in forming an FSA? 

Contact FSAdev@iastate.edu for more information