With over 30,000 students and more than 6,000 faculty and staff, Iowa State University is proud to educate and employ a diverse community. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion supports the cultivation of campus climate to build a model of equity and inclusion that impacts every aspect of campus life and gives voice to all members of the university community.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Inspiring inclusive excellence

Institutional Mission

Create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.

Institutional Vision

Iowa State University will lead the world in advancing the land-grant ideals of putting science, technology, and human creativity to work. 

Land-grant definition

Abraham Lincoln signed the law that gave birth to the land-grant universities - "people's colleges," which were founded on three big ideas:

  • Open higher education to all
  • Teach practical classes
  • Share knowledge far beyond campus


To cultivate an inclusive campus climate in which every member of the community can learn, live, and work in a welcoming environment by:

  • supporting the shared institutional mission for access and opportunity for the success of all people 
  • fostering unity in establishing and nurturing collaborative partnerships in alignment with institutional strategic priorities 
  • supporting and modeling our Principles of Community by celebrating our unique cultural differences 
  • preparing learners to work in the global environment


Diversity - Commitment to fostering a climate in all the ways people differ, including primary and secondary characteristics[1] in a welcoming environment (Measurement for success and opportunities: IPEDS, enrollment data, graduation rates)

Equity - Commitment to fostering a climate where all individuals have access and opportunity to fully participate in the educational and working environment (Measurement for success and opportunities: campus climate survey, exit interviews (HR, & Provost/FA), transfers (Athletes & Admissions), reaccreditation (HLC), program outcomes/feedback, bias reports, equity/civil rights reports, reasonable accommodations feedback (services and academic - learning outcomes), advocacy services, counseling & wellness services, benefits, center for teaching and learning opportunities)

Inclusion - Commitment to fostering a climate where all individuals have a sense of belonging[2] through support and respect to fully participate in the educational and working environment (Measurement for success and opportunities: Campus climate survey, exit interviews, learning outcomes, program feedback, absenteeism reports, curriculum, student organizations, faculty/staff associations, Greek Life membership, multicultural/identify)

[1] Refer to the diversity wheel (primary is internal and secondary is external) Loden, M.
[2] The construct goes beyond national or cultural identity, instead emphasizing the dynamic processes of emotional attachment. Reviewing the substantial theoretical literature on belonging, we identify four of its key elements: connection, participation, identification, and congruence.  


Featured initiatives

Pick up a free pronoun pin at our office in 2680 Beardshear Hall and visit Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiatives on our website for more information.

What is happening at Iowa State University to enhance and cultivate the ISU Experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other?

Free poster sets are available from our office in 2680 Beardshear Hall.