University Well-being Leadership Alliance

The purpose of the UWLA is to provide a teaming environment for invested stakeholders across the institution to better align well-being priorities, and take action in mobilizing the strategic direction for well-being at Iowa State. The UWLA is the supporting body of subgoal 4.2 within Iowa State’s Strategic Plan. The focus is “to enhance the safety, health, well-being, and security of faculty, staff, students and visitors.” UWLA deliverables for Iowa State include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving the climate with physical changes, recognizing the interconnectedness of individuals and the environment.
  • Strengthening our culture by promoting an inclusive community, positive social interaction, and mutual respect.
  • Enriching quality of life by emphasizing individual and institutional well-being and addressing determinants of health (e.g. improved equity; mental, physical, economic health; social justice; safety and security; sustainability; access to food).
  • Creating conditions to continually encourage well-being, engage strengths, and inspire personal development throughout the university.

More information at the University Well-being Leadership Alliance webpage.