Engagement and Inclusion Officers

The Iowa State University Police Department Engagement and Inclusion Officers (EIO) represent the department's effort to be an active partner in improving campus climate. ISU PD believes our entire community should be invested in cultivating an inclusive campus and has collaborated with the VPDI's office to continually improve these efforts.

EIO Objectives

  • Foster a culture of respect and equity in which all students and staff can prosper without fear or discrimination
  • Enhance current partnerships and build new connections that further unify our community
  • Increase officers’ capacity to respond to individuals with differing expectations, needs, or abilities
  • Actively participate in campus initiatives working toward a more diverse and inclusive Iowa State University


EIO Services

  • Information and educational presentations
  • Departmental trainings
  • Safety planning
  • Facilitation and debriefing of local and national campus climate incidents
  • Community building through engagement and outreach
  • Resources and referrals


EIO Facts

While not all behavior rises to the level of a criminal offense, Iowa State University Police are concerned about any behavior which would undermine the
ISU community and campus climate. In addition to possible criminal charges, Engagement and Inclusion Officers can assist in:

  • Safety planning
  • Iowa State University judicial proceedings
  • Case documentation
  • Referral
  • “Knock and Talk” verbal intervention
  • Collaboration with other Iowa State University resources
  • Alternative solutions

Certain behaviors may also violate the Student Disciplinary Regulations (Code of Conduct), Department of Residence Regulations, Discrimination and Harassment Policy, as well as many others.